Mystic UV-Free Spray Tan

The Instant Tanning Booth
Anybody can TAN NOW!
For all skin types
Mystic Spray Tan is becoming more and more popular.
The Instant Tan.
Solution is aloe vera based and very moisturizing for your skin.
3 Levels of Color Offered:
Light, Medium, Dark

The “MOST” frequent questions asked about Mystic Tan:

How does it work? You will enter the booth, stand on the magna tan plate, and press the start button. The solution will begin to spray for a few seconds. When it stops you will turn around and the solution will spray on your back area for a few seconds.

How long does the process take? First time users should allow approximately 15 – 20 minutes for the instruction phase, application phase, drying off and dressing time. Experienced users take approximately 5-10 minutes.

How long will the tan last? 7 – 10 days, though this varies with the individual.

Will it look orange? Mystic tan solution creates a real bronze-looking tan. Sunless products of the past created an orange tone, whereas the new age of these solutions have improved greatly.

Does it streak? The application is even and leaves a fine mist that is either absorbed or toweled off of the skin following the application. Provided all instructions are followed and you towel off correctly, NO STREAKING should develop.

What about my hair? Disposable hair caps are provided, however, if the solution should touch your hair it does not cause damage and hair caps are not recommended for those experiencing balding.

What do I wear? Will it get on my clothes? After you towel off Mystic is not likely to transfer to your clothes. If the solution is noticed on an item of clothing, don’t worry - it is water soluble and will wash out.

How many sprays will it take me to get a tan? You will become tan after waiting the process time following one session. If after the initial tan you have not acquired the color of tan desired, it is recommended that you spray tan every other day until optimal tan color is obtained. It is recommended that you return every 7 – 10 days to maintain. It is recommended that when choosing the shade of solution (that being light, medium, or dark) you should choose in accordance with your skin type.

Exfoliation is recommended prior to initial spray and between extended durations of spray times.
Do not apply lotion prior to spray tan.
Do not shower for 6 – 8 hours following spray.
Do not swim, sweat, or enter a spa following spray.
When spray tan and tanning bed are both used on the same visit, it is recommended that you use the tanning bed first.